Shaken and Stirred

[This is the seventeenth post about the Blessed Hope–the return of Jesus Christ (Earthquakes)]

Earthquakes shake things up.

The recent eruption of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii is sending shock waves throughout the islands. Rumbling earthquakes have hit the region 704 times in the last seven days.

eruption of volcano during dawn

Photo by Pete Johnson on

It is no wonder that earthquakes will signal that last things are about to take place on Earth.

Earthquakes are mysterious, unpredictable, terrifying, and devastating. The cataclysmic shifting of tectonic plates beneath our feet remind us how powerless we really are. When it comes to the very earth we walk on, we have no control.

God, who is in control, is gracious toward us. He gives us security and consistency throughout most of our lives so that earth-shaking events are the exception, not the rule.

buildings church city clear sky

Photo by Saulo Zayas on

When monumental things happen, they disrupt and disturb. Our paradigm changes. Earthquakes are so powerful that the event causes people to separate their time on earth in terms of “before” and “after” the cataclysmic event.

In the Bible, the prophet Amos distinguishes the time of his prophecy by recording that it took place “ . . . two years before the earthquake” (Amos 1:1, nkjv).

Closer to our time, the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-12 caused the MIssissippi River to run backwards, collapsed islands, and created a new lake.

The tremendous quakes rang church bells and shook the ground thousands of miles away in Boston and New York City. History in the Mississippi Valley had a monumental point of change.  

A “great earthquake” rumbled the ground at the resurrection of Christ. An angel of the Lord descended from heaven and rolled away the stone at the door of Jesus’s tomb–revealing to all the world that He had risen!

How momentous was the change! Before the quake, we were  ”without Christ,  . . . having no hope and without God in the world”(Ephesians 2:12, nkjv).  

After the resounding quake of the resurrection, “ . . . you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ” (Ephesian 2:13, nkjv).

Another “before” and “after” is coming. It will be world-shattering and tremendous.

The appearance of Jesus, our Blessed Hope, will usher Christians out of the “before” of injustice, trials, and suffering into the afterlife of our eternity.

We will live in the everlasting light of His Presence, a new day of joy, mercy, and grace.

girl women young flower

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