[This is the twelfth post in a series about the Blessed Hope–the return of Jesus Christ (War and Rumors of War)]

I’ll admit I’ve been watching reruns of Johnny Carson and The Tonight Show.

One episode featured the iconic movie star, James Stewart.

On this episode from the 1970’s, Stewart exuded that trademark humor and charisma. Respectful and attentive, Carson asked him about his interest in flying. Stewart shared about the thrill he had taking off in airplanes, beginning in childhood.


During the 1920’s, rogue pilots called Barnstormers made a living by landing in small towns and taking wide-eyed youngsters on plane rides. Stewart told Carson his first flight took off from an area called “Mines Field.”

Curious, Carson asked, “Mines Field? Is that anywhere we’d be familiar with now?”

Stewart smiled and slowly answered. “Yeah, it’s LAX.”

Fields, roads, buildings, bridges, and landmarks all change. Generations come and go. Kings, presidents, borders, and nations change. The earth has been host to all of them.

So is it any wonder that the nations mentioned in Bible prophecy are now known by different names?

It’s easy to brush off Bible predictions like a dusty old book. Names like Magog, Persia, and Beth Togarmah puzzle us. These reflect powerful countries who have since faded into history.

The ancient names signify land areas and peoples who will come against Israel in the last days. These nations will form a coalition just before the return of Jesus Christ.

The “mystery nations” mentioned above are important players in the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy. So who are they?

They are Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

Recently, the leaders of these countries (Putin, Rouhani, and Erdogan) formed a coalition and met in December of last year. They are meeting again in April, 2018.

These nations now have military strongholds in Syria, within miles of the Israeli border. On February 28 of this year, Iran and Israel clashed in escalating conflict.

If this modern axis of evil attacks Israel as predicted in Ezekiel 38, God has promised He will defeat them. He will catch Magog (Russia) and its allies by putting a hook in the jaw of the invaders.

It ain’t gonna be pretty. Think earthquakes, firestorms, and bloodshed.

Although wars and rumours of wars alarm us, we find comfort knowing we are not destined for wrath (1 Thessalonians 5:9).

When evil invades, God stands and His enemies are before Him as nothing (Isaiah 40:17).


Comments on: "What Is to Be Has Already Been" (3)

  1. Thankful for the comfort of His promise!

  2. I love your insightful and informative blogs. Thanks for sharing.

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