To Tell the Truth

[This is the seventh post in a series about the Blessed Hope–the return of Jesus Christ]

To Tell the Truth

Most everyone agrees that truth is vital to any relationship.

So how do we easily fall for flattery and false words? How often do we gravitate toward people who tell us, not the truth, but what we want to hear?

If we’re honest, probably most of the time. 


That is why Jesus warned his disciples about false prophets. Speaking about the times that would usher in His return, He told them false prophets would be like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

In the Bible, Jeremiah stands as a true prophet of God.

During Jeremiah’s ministry, the mighty Babylonian army had conquered the surrounding nations. He tried to convince the people of Jerusalem that they, too, would feel the sharp blade of Nebuchadnezzar’s forces. He warned them not to stay in the city. If they remained, devastation would follow..

On the contrary, the false prophets told the people what they wanted to hear: Babylon would not conquer them. Things would continue as always. Everything would be as smooth and comfy as sheepskin.

At that time, the people of Jerusalem enjoyed flowing wine and abundant bread. Children played in the streets. Women wore fine sashes and jingled their bracelets. They flaunted their beautifully braided hair. The people wanted to believe the false prophets, so they followed them.


But while Israel partied, King Nebuchadnezzar’s armies camped right outside the city.

Jeremiah begged them to listen. He told them, “ . . .do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your soothsayers or your sorcerers, who speak to you, saying, “you shall not serve the king of Babylon” (Jeremiah 27:9 nkjv).

Sadly, they listened to false prophets and became prisoners in their own city. When Babylon invaded, the people trapped in Jerusalem suffered thirst and starvation. They heard their little ones beg for bread. Horrible, unimaginable tragedies ensued.

False prophets are not harmless. Their words and counsel, like the fangs of a wolf, can be devastating.

When it comes to listening to silver-tongued deceivers, it’s best to turn away.

Can we set our egos aside and seek the truth that God has revealed in His word?




Comments on: "To Tell the Truth" (4)

  1. We don’t listen much better today, do we? Thank you for reminding us earthly things will pass away. God wants us to focus on Him, not temporary pleasures.

  2. I agree. Well said and to the point. You and your readers may like to give a five minute listen to the late R.C.Sproul tell the churches what needs to be included in the preaching of many churches – who are dangerously close to leading people astray. This link should work:
    I await your comments after listening. Thanks, Juris

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