pexels-photo-326055.jpegYes, Jesus is definitely coming again!

Yet in many Christian communities, there is little mention of the Blessed Hope–the return of Jesus Christ for believers. It is the Hope that glows as brightly as Sunday morning sunshine streaming through stained glass windows.

Although there may be some misunderstanding among new Christians, generations of Christians from the first century on have eagerly anticipated the event. Our Blessed Hope is the resurrection of those who have passed away in Christ and the “catching away” of Christians who are alive when He returns.

That’s two thousand years and millions of souls whose bodies will one day break through moss-pungent soil and awaken to newness of life amidst sharp rocks and weathered memorials.

Sounds fantastic, I know. Unreal. Like nothing we’ve ever witnessed.

But if we contemplate the lowly caterpillar, the fuzzy pupa that weaves a silk casing around itself and then emerges weeks later as a completely new creature, we have a picture. From a worm, a beautiful butterfly emerges, one that is no longer tedious and earth-bound, but free and soaring to the clouds.

Since the Blessed Hope is closer than ever, why are Christians sleep-walking, seemingly unaware of the events unfolding around us?

Why is it that now, when the fulfillment of prophecy is taking shape, the church is so quiet? Have the teachings of the rapture and the Second Coming been placed in an obscure filing cabinet, tucked away like an awkward folder of dusty memorabilia?

I’d like to brush off that folder and share the good news of the Blessed Hope. It is this: along with newness of life in the here and now, Christianity gives hope for an eternal future.

The urgent times we are living in gives us much to consider. I’ll continue writing about this topic in the next several blog posts. Have a blessed day as you are reflecting upon the Blessed Hope!


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