Stood up at the Altar?

One recent August afternoon, I sped south on Highway 45  out of Jackson, anxious to return home to the cooler countryside.  As I maneuvered in and out of the passing lane, cars zoomed around me—probably commuters like me, just trying to get home.

A red traffic light a half-block away brought us all to a stop. While waiting for the light to turn, I glanced to my left. It was then I saw her.

A model of perfection stood elegantly posed, with stylish blonde hair and a slim waist. Like a perfectly wrapped gift, lace and silk adorned her. A flowing white gown cascaded from her shoulders to her heels.The vision of cool beauty in the midst of heated concrete, exhaust fumes, and spinning tires caused me to pause.

I’ve seen her before, many times. Actually, when I cared to look, I’ve seen her on every trip to Jackson for the last twenty years.

The waiting bride is enclosed behind glass at a downtown dry cleaners. The store must change and clean the mannequin’s gown every now and then, but I don’t think they’ve ever taken her from the display window.

Hmp. I joked to myself. I think she’s been stood up at the altar. She’s been waiting there a long time.

I skimmed over her face—no frown lines or worry there. A knowing smile touched her lips. No matter what I, or any of the passing travelers thought, she just knew her groom would appear at any moment.

The tip of her curved fingers and her slightly raised hand revealed her heart. Someone was coming for her. He’d take her by the hand and lead her to a beautiful wedding and a grand feast.

My heart skipped a little.

Jesus promised those who believe in Him that he would be returning one day. The church is His Bride. One day, there will be a wedding and a glorious celebration.

The bride in the window reminded me. No matter how weary I am, or how much noise or choking exhaust I endure, the groom is still coming.

Like the ten virgins in the famous parable, I need to be ready. I have to make sure my dress is white, my face, adoring, and my hand upraised in expectation.

Comments on: "Stood up at the Altar?" (8)

  1. Sherri Tellian said:

    Well done, Jeris!

  2. Michael Harrellh said:

    I enjoyed your article Jeris. I took a side trip through the country to my shop, which is about 35 minutes from my house last week. I found a beautiful way to go that was much more scenic and safer. I marvel that it took me almost 7 years to find it. It was a spur of the moment decision to take that road just to see where it went. We need to take time to go out of our way more often. Good writing cousin!

  3. Michael Harrellh said:

    It has been glorious for about a week now. The highs have been around 78 with blue skies and gentle breezes. When it gets in the mid-seventies for you it will probably be in the 50’s here. I am enjoying it for now because the summer has been hot.

  4. Lynda Bricker said:

    Hi Jeris,
    Polly Clark sent me the web site saying she thought I would enjoy your writing. Boy, was she right about that!! God has given you a talent and I’m thrilled to see your are useing it for him.
    Thanks for the reminder to be prepared and watching for our Lord’s (groom) return. I will visit this site often, looking for your posting.
    Lynda Bricker

  5. Barbara Moss said:

    Great writing Jeris, I enjoyed reading your stories

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