Is there a diet version of Deep Fried Twinkies?

I admit, the hand-lettered sign tempting me with the cajillion-calorie treat didn’t cause  a gag reflex. Instead, I inwardly sighed. I bet those are good.

After a few seconds, my internal drill sergeant snapped me to attention. Too sweet. Probably heavy. I’d feel bad afterwards.

Thankfully, I was in my car so all I had to do was hit the accelerator to escape temptation. Still, as I drove away I tried to come up with a substitute.  I could get a  Twinkie, dip it in skim milk, dredge it in crushed corn flakes, and bake it in the oven.

Ugh. Even with all the finagling, the cream filling and carb-loaded fluff would still tilt my scales toward disaster. And in the end, it wouldn’t even taste good.

Before I saw the sign, I’d already flirted with diet Armageddon. I bought a Paula Deen magazine and flipped through the pages. Vicariously, I enjoyed the buttery biscuits and frosty-pink cupcakes without a morsel passing over my lips.  

Funny, the magazine and the sign appeared just as I am enjoying the first results of a new diet. My clothes feel better. Inches are being lost. I can turn over at night without the assistance of a crane.

I’m heading in the right direction. So why do the signs appear now, trying to steer me wrong?

Temptation’s not a good thing. It’s best to run from it. But maybe it’s a sign that I’m doing some things right. 

A wise country preacher (Adrian Rogers) once said if you meet the devil face-to-face it’s because you’re going in the opposite direction.

Turning away from temptation is not any fun. And I can’t find a diet version to rationalize wrong choices. A Twinkie is still a Twinkie. 

If I give in to it, I’ll wished I hadn’t. I’ll probably feel bad. There’ll be extra weight to carry around. And in the end, it won’t even taste good.

Comments on: "Here’s a sign: Deep Fried Twinkies" (6)

  1. The devil lives in the carton of Mocha Java Chip ice cream for me. You’d think he prefers something hot, wouldn’t you?

  2. Annette Mastron said:

    I will think of your post when a twinkie craving strikes…

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